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Where we prioritize trend following for successful investing. Our Portfolio Management Services (PMS) products have evolved through three decades of experience in India’s Equity markets. Our latest offering, the Trend Following PMS, combines fundamental and technical analysis to optimize our investment strategy. By integrating these approaches, we capture the best opportunities in market trends.With our commitment to good risk management, we deliver exceptional outcomes for clients. Join us on this remarkable journey to navigate the ever-changing landscape of equity markets and achieve sustained growth and financial prosperity.

The Process

Sales Growth

A company’s sales trajectory speaks volumes.

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A company’s profitability isn’t just about numbers.

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Shareholder Returns

At the end of the day, our allegiance is to the investor.

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Momentum isn’t solely about speed.

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Strength in Price

A stock’s price trend can be a beacon.

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Risk Management

Every investment journey has its share of storms.

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TREND following PMS

Experience a unique investment product with TREND FOLLOWING PMS, a truly differentiated product. Our approach sets us apart in philosophy, process, and portfolio holdings, ensuring your investments thrive in changing markets. Join us in reshaping the future of success in just a few simple steps.


Welcome to our Advisory Services – your compass in the dynamic realm of the Indian equity market. With a rich legacy spanning three decades, we have honed our expertise to become your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of investment.


We at Marathon Trends collaborate closely, pooling every individual’s expertise and skills to analyze and manage investment portfolios effectively. We conduct in-depth research and analysis of market trends, industries & markets. Our team continuously updates their knowledge and adapts to changing market conditions and market trends to stay competitive.


Atul Suri


Vineet Singh

Principal Officer Advisory

Sourav Banerjee

Research Analyst

Vidhi Gulabani

Client Servicing and Compliance



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