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Atul Suri - Marathon Trends

Atul Suri


Marathon Trends Advisory, led by CEO Atul, offers professional and proven investment services. With almost three decades of experience, Atul excels as a portfolio manager, having begun as a fundamental analyst at Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services in 1991, gaining expertise in identifying high-quality stocks. Furthering his skills, Atul pursued a Masters in Banking and Finance in Sydney, delving into quant and technical analysis.

Returning to India in the late 90s, Atul joined Birla Sun Life Securities, leading the Private Client Group business. In 2003, he founded Marathon Capital, focusing on trading Index derivatives, enriching his understanding of financial markets. Atul later joined RARE Enterprises in 2008 as an Analyst, gaining invaluable experience, laying the foundation for his own Portfolio Management Services (PMS) fund.

Leveraging his vast experience, Atul manages Trend Following, PMS offering of Marathon Trends Advisory. His approach combines fundamental and technical analysis, with a deep understanding of market trends. This expertise enables our team to navigate financial complexities, delivering superior investment outcomes.

Beyond finance, Atul’s passions – marathon running and scuba diving – shape his portfolio management skills. These pursuits instill discipline, perseverance, and adaptability, evident in his focused and disciplined strategy, adept at evolving market conditions.

At Marathon Trends Advisory, we recognize Atul’s personal interests contribute to his holistic perspective as a portfolio manager. His love for marathon running emphasizes long-term goal-setting and commitment. Likewise, scuba diving fosters exploration, uncovering hidden opportunities translated into his investment strategies. Fuelled by a passion for the Indian markets, vast experience, and a well-rounded approach to investing,

Atul and our team dedicate ourselves to helping investors capitalize on emerging trends, achieving long- term financial success. Trust in our commitment to transforming your financial goals into reality.

Vineet Singh - Marathon Trends

Vineet Singh

Principal Officer Advisory

Vineet, the Research Head and co-promoter of Marathon Trends, embodies a unique blend of expertise, passion, and dedication that has propelled long-term investment success. His journey began with a deep-rooted fascination for the equity markets, leading him to Marathon Capital in 2004, where he discovered his true calling.

Vineet’s expertise encompasses a comprehensive spectrum of financial disciplines, including investment evaluation, risk management, systems trading, long-term stock investing, and trade execution. As Research Head, he spearheads the company’s research efforts, ensuring that every investment decision is grounded in meticulous analysis and informed by market-leading insights.

With nearly two decades of experience spanning investment analysis, equity and commodity trading, portfolio management, Vineet possesses an unparalleled understanding of the financial landscape.

Prior to joining Marathon Trends, Vineet honed his strategic investment skills at Rare Enterprise, Mumbai, where he adeptly handled large-value equities, financial products, and derivatives. This exposure to the intricacies of high-stakes investing and trading further enriched his financial acumen and reinforced his commitment to excellence.

Vineet’s academic foundation, rooted in a Bachelor’s in Commerce and an MBA in Finance, provides a solid framework for his expertise. His passion for technology fuels his efforts to streamline operations at Marathon Trends, while his love for reading broadens his financial industry knowledge, ensuring that his decisions are informed by a comprehensive understanding of market trends and historical insights.

Vineet’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment in shaping the future of Marathon Trends.

Sourav Banerjee

Research Analyst

A key member of Marathon Trends Advisory, excels as a research analyst and investor with a unique skill set. His passion for the stock market blossomed during his tenure in a broking firm’s research division, exploring the operations of smart money.
Sourav’s research methodology blends diverse tools like data analytics, technical analysis, and coding to decipher market trends, providing comprehensive investment insights to clients.

Educationally, Sourav holds a Bachelo’s in Commerce (Honors) from Calcutta University, along with the prestigious Chartered Market Technician (CMT) certification. He underwent training with algorithmic trading system experts and pursued an MBA in Banking & Finance from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies.

Discipline and focus, drawn from his passion for martial arts, complement his strategic decision- making abilities. Sourav’s continuous learning through avid reading keeps him updated with market developments, benefiting clients. With extensive research expertise and a strong educational foundation, Sourav proves invaluable to our team. Count on him for data-driven outcomes and insights, making him a trusted partner in your long-term investment journey.

Vidhi Gulabani

Client Servicing and Compliance

Our experienced Compliance Officer at Marathon Trends Advisory, boasts an impressive academic background with an MBA in Banking, Investment & Insurance Management from Welingkar Institute of Management and Research. With over 15 years of industry experience, she has held pivotal roles at Motilal Oswal Wealth Management Pvt Ltd and Alchemy Capital Management Pvt Ltd.
During her tenure, Vidhi managed financial product transactions, including Mutual Funds and Portfolio Management Services (PMS), excelling in client servicing for High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs).

At Marathon Trends Advisory Pvt Ltd, Vidhi oversees compliance activities with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring adherence to the highest regulatory standards. Her personal interests further enrich her capabilities as a Compliance Officer. A love for travel instils adaptability and cultural awareness, vital for comprehending and complying with diverse regulatory frameworks. Additionally, her passion for fashion fosters a meticulous, detail-oriented approach to compliance-related documentation.

Vidhi’s commitment to service excellence and building strong relationships makes her a valuable asset to our team. With extensive industry experience, academic qualifications, and unique personal interests, she ensures regulatory compliance and operational excellence at Marathon Trends Advisory.

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