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Welcome to the Trend Following PMS, where precision meets passion in the realm of portfolio management. Crafted for the discerning investor, our service seamlessly blends strategic stock selection with flexible investment avenues. Navigate the dynamic stock market landscape with our expertly curated approach. Join us on a journey where opportunity and expertise converge.

Scheme Overview: Our scheme, christened as the “Trend Following PMS” was incepted in 2023. It’s designed to hold a curated selection of approximately 20-25 stocks, ensuring a diversified yet focused approach.

Sector Concentration: We remain sector-agnostic, ensuring that our investments are not overly concentrated in any one sector, thereby spreading risk and potential for reward.

Market Capitalization: Our approach is “Flexi-Cap”which means we’re flexible in choosing stocks across large, mid, and small-cap segments based on their potential.

Benchmarking Excellence: We measure our performance against the BSE 500 – TRI, ensuring that our strategy is always aligned with the broader market movements.

Investment Details: The gateway to be a part of this promising journey starts with a minimum investment amount of 50 Lakhs. The best part? There’s no lock-in period, making it an open-ended scheme. For those who believe in disciplined investing, we offer both Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) and Systematic Transfer Plans (STP).

Regulatory Compliance: Our commitment to transparency and adherence to regulations is unwavering. We’re registered with SEBI, bearing the registration number INP000005722.

Banking Custody: We’ve partnered with Kotak Bank, a name synonymous with trust and excellence, for all our banking, custodian, DP, and fund accounting needs. This ensures seamless operations and peace of mind for our investors.

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