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At the heart of trend following lies a simple yet profound principle: capitalize on strengths and divest
from weaknesses. With over three decades of navigating the
stock market’s ebbs and flows,Marathon Trends has crystallized this wisdom into our guiding philosophy. Buy strength, sell

1. Buy Strength

The Art of Selecting Quality Stocks

Our journey begins with the meticulous identification of stocks that promise enduring growth. This
isn’t about chasing the latest buzz or getting swayed by brand allure. It’s about recognizing genuine
quality. Our selection matrix revolves around three pivotal pillars:

Sales Growth: A company’s sales trajectory speaks volumes. We delve into historical sales data,
pinpointing firms that have consistently expanded their market footprint. Such growth is a
testament to their ability to innovate and resonate with their customer base.

Profitability: A company’s profitability isn’t just about numbers; it’s a narrative. It tells us about the
efficiency of its operations, the vision of its leadership, and its commitment to delivering shareholder

Shareholder Returns: At the end of the day, our allegiance is to the investor. We gravitate towards
companies that have a history of rewarding their shareholders, be it through dividends, share
buybacks, or other avenues.

Sailing with the Wind: Market Alignment

Our edge lies in our adeptness at aligning our portfolio with the prevailing market currents.
This ensures we’re not swimming against the tide but leveraging it. Our alignment strategy is anchored
in three core tenets:

Strength in Price: A stock’s price trend can be a beacon. Those on an upward trajectory often signal
continued robust performance. We keep a close watch on these price movements, ensuring we’re
on the right side of the trend.

Momentum: Momentum isn’t solely about speed; it hinges on direction and stock price stability. By
capitalizing on momentum trends, we gauge market sentiment, ensuring our investments harmonize
with the broader market rhythm. This strategy enables us to smoothly navigate the trend’s path.

Risk Management: Every investment journey has its share of storms. Our quantitative tools help us
forecast potential risks, allowing us to navigate challenges proactively and safeguard our clients

By marrying fundamental robustness with technical insights, we strike a balance that maximizes
returns while shielding against potential downturns.


2. Sell Weakness

The Science of Strategic Exits

The decision to sell is as crucial as the decision to buy. Recognizing this, we’ve instituted a disciplined
exit blueprint. This isn’t about reacting to market whims baaut acting on well-defined criteria. We
understand that every sale, even if it seems premature, is an opportunity. The capital freed can be
channelled into more promising avenues.

Our strategy is also a psychological safeguard. It acts as a bulwark against the emotional pitfalls
investors often grapple with, be it the fear of missing out or the hesitation to acknowledge a


At Marathon Trends, we don’t just invest; we craft a journey. A journey that’s informed by
experience, steered by insight, and committed to delivering
unparalleled value to our clients. Join us as we navigate the market’s vast ocean, always with an eye on the horizon, always in pursuit of the
next big trend.

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