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Welcome to Marathon Trends, where we harness the power of investment excellence. With the creation of TREND FOLLOWING PMS, our premier Portfolio Management Service, which has evolved over three decades of honed experience in India’s dynamic equity markets. We understand that you seek, not just returns but a strategy thattruly makes your investments thrive.

At the core of our philosophy lies the concept of “BUYING STRENGTH and SELLING WEAKNESS.” We actively seek out stocks with impressive earnings growth and robust price momentum, while simultaneously identifying and divesting from those showing a decline in earnings growth and stock prices. This approach is the key to our results and why you should consider investing with us.

Our innovative solution seamlessly blends fundamental and technical analysis to optimise our investment strategy. We leverage fundamental analysis to uncover high-quality stocks and use technical analysis to pinpoint the perfect moments for entry and exit. By combining these two approaches, we deliver the best of both worlds and enhance your chances of profiting from market trends.

Over the years, the Indian equity markets have showcased diverse trends, each with unique opportunities. Our TREND FOLLOWING PMS excels at identifying and capturing these opportunities for you, ensuringthat your investments are in sync with the market’s movements. Through our specialized trend-following approach, we empower you to outperform the market, securing returns while effectively managing risk during market fluctuations.

Our association with the renowned investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has reinforced the belief that successful wealth creation goes beyond traditional investment approaches. It’s about identifying significant market trends and adhering to a robust investment process. Our commitment to prudent risk management remains unwavering, providing you with a foundation for long-term success.

At Marathon Trends, we take immense pride in our ability to align with the larger market trends and deliver superior results. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of equity markets, discover hidden opportunities, and guide you toward sustained growth and financial prosperity. By choosing to invest with us, you’re embracing the art of “BUYING STRENGTH and SELLING WEAKNESS” a strategy that can truly make your investments thrive.

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